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5 steps to stand in your light and live life fully with joy and happiness

“Stand in your light and live fully,

in peace with joy and happiness” – Teresita 

 5 steps to stand in your light and live life fully with joy and happiness

Looking for love and approval and put others first.

In many occasions or most of our lives, we put other people first.  These can be our friends, family or partners.  But what does make us do this? Why do we think that other people are more important than us?

I must say that I was one of those people, giving others more than I could give to myself.  Compensating and rewarding them in many ways, for loving me and for being with me.  But that wasn’t enough I always end up feeling empty, and very lonely.  But why? If I was giving so much, I should otherwise feel happy and content.  Wasn’t that the idea? Wasn’t that what I was taught? That we always have to give to others, that other people’s needs come first rather than our own, that making other people happy is part of our job in our lives, therefore we will be happy, that it is OK to sacrifice ourselves, our needs and dreams for others.


Before I started looking within, I was in so much confusion and despair, it felt literally that the cables in my brain were so tangled and not connected together, that I could not bear the pain, and understand anything else anymore. But it wasn’t until someone brought this to my attention, that I started to find ways to help me look inward to find out, what I was lacking on, and what I really needed to do to change this. Everything was so disappointing particularly humanity.  Nothing was working for me, all I wanted to do is to check out and leave this world.

Then my journey of changes and self-discovery through ThetaHealing® started.  For those that don’t know, ThetaHealing® technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy, not specific to one religion but accepting them all, with the purpose of getting closer to the Creator. It is a training method for your mind, body and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing® Technique creates a positive lifestyle.

Our environment and surroundings have a great influence in forming our beliefs that thereafter can become programmes, that at some point will be triggered and surface to sabotage us.

The Lack of love, affection and attention in our lives, and constantly living in a survival mode from a very early age, make us hold on so tight onto any sense of security and love. That even a tiny bit of love, no matter where who this comes from, and how this is given to us, we will choose to put others first, so you would not lose it.

So, what I am trying to say is that the lack of self-love, respect, not feeling good enough, not deserving what you want to create in your life, the feeling of not belonging, not knowing your worth and who you are, carrying guilt and shame, is what makes us do whatever it takes to preserve the sense of belonging.  Always looking for love and approval from others. Therefore, you allow them to decide for you, to control you and much more, as you have the need to please them and bury your dreams and aspirations as if they don’t count. You settle for anything they give you, as you think this is better than nothing.

But this is just a little tiny bit of what I discovered in my spiritual-healing journey about myself.  There is much more to it, as I learnt some of the Genetic beliefs I was carrying from my ancestors, about self-love, worth and respect, that played a big part in my decisions and behaviour in life.

As I wanted to change this, start afresh and create the life I always wanted, I became my own observer, living in awareness, working in changing my old limiting beliefs.  But my experience has also helped me to observe and understand others around me, particularly my family and why they were doing or behaving in a certain way. I was able then to see things differently, with love and compassion.  I detached from the drama, the conflict, released the pain, all the anger, the resentment, the guilt, and learnt how to differentiate between my own feelings and emotions from theirs, and started to live.

I reclaimed my power, now “I stand in my own truth, my own reality, my real self”.  I wasn’t lost anymore, I found me! I let myself be, there was no more judgement, no pressure, no more pleasing, other than me, no need to be someone else, I can show myself for who I really am, and most importantly I trust myself and the process of life.

Everything comes in the right order at the right time.  It is all about Divine Timing.

These are 5 tips I would like to share with you, so you can stand in your light and live fully, in peace with joy and happiness:


  1. Love yourself unconditionally as if your life depends on that. It is important that you have healthy boundaries between you and others around you. Do not make everything your responsibility, practice to say NO and stop pleasing others.


  1. know your value and worth. Putting yourself first to meet your needs, does not mean that you are selfish, on the contrary, you will feel fulfil and content within, therefore you will be able to bring joy to others and meet their needs without resentment.


  1. Know who you are. Be very clear about that, as it is not negotiable. Accepting other people’s conditioning you will no longer belong to yourself, and it will be a betrayal to yourself in order to fit with others.


  1. Know that it is your own responsibility to make yourself happy. Do not give your power away to others by giving then such responsibility that only you can fulfil. You create your own happiness, as you, and only you know what makes your heart dance and set your soul on fire.


  1. Become resilience to shame and guilt. Shame sometimes stops us from moving forward, by recognising and releasing this, you will be able to walk through it with ease and love. You already know that shame cannot survive empathy. You are connected and are part of this world and you belong because you are worthy and deserve to be here.


Sending love and light to you

Teresita Lòpez Pulido


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