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6 Practical Things That You Can Apply at Home to Shift Yours and Home Energy

Do you sometimes feel that your energy feels a bit stagnant? Or at home, the energy feels a bit heavy?  or perhaps your things/plans/projects are not moving as you would like to or not moving at all? or you might feel that you need to protect yourself and your home from negative energy? 

Well, one thing I learned when I started my spiritual journey is that my home is a reflection of my own life, so I try as much as I can to keep it protected from old, negative energy and decluttered.  

This reminds me of the times when I used to think that my mum was obsessed with cleaning and keeping things tidy and in place.  But also, I remember her saying that if you have a tidy house you will have a clear mind, but little I knew I was going to use this later in my life, as I was a very untidy young girl.

I now understand why she used to do it, for her obvious reasons, she was a nurse, therefore she had to keep the place as clean and as tidy as possible in case of an emergency, we will be able to move around and find what we need without any problem.

But, thinking back and knowing how intuitive my mother was, she knew how to keep the energy of the house flowing to allow good things to come to us, as well keeping any uninvited energy away.

“Nothing is more important than to come to a place that is light and free from negativity and unwanted energy” – Teresita – 

Interesting enough, as Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Energy Healer I am more aware of energies and the importance of maintaining a balance, and to protect my energy field.

I always get asked by clients and students what else in addition to ThetaHealing® they can use to cleanse the energy around them and at home and be protected as well as activate certain spaces in their house to attract more abundance.

Following my learnings and intuition, I apply some practical tools in my everyday life that you can also use to activate certain areas of your house, cleanse the energy, and protect your space.

Something I learned in ThetaHealing is that you can not only release spirits to the light but also, you can remove old imprints from any objects as well as downloading them with positive energy, such as unconditional love. However, you can be more specific if you want to, e.g. download your fridge, that it will always have healthy food that nourishes your body, support your digestive system, keep you healthy, etc.

In addition to that, you can apply a bit of Feng Shui, moving stuff around, activating some areas in your house to get the energy flowing, shifting the energy of your house to receive and attract love, money, abundance and much more.

So here we go! 

6 practical tools that you can apply in your life daily life to shift yours and home energy:

1) Smudge the house with white sage.  This is a root used by traditionally by Native American cultures, it is used to cleanse a place, person or an object of any negative energies or influences. Just set an intention to clear your house of any negative energy around. The way you do it is by waving the smoke into all corners, across doorways, dark or shadow spaces. You can also smudge your crystals to keep them clean and light. Once you have completed the space clearing, you can leave the sage bunch to burn out or put it out gently, just make sure you do it on a heatproof container. You can repeat this ritual as many times as you want.

2) Ringing bells or wind chimes.  It is a very common tool used in Feng Shui, it aligned any negative energy creating a positive flow.  To clear any negative or stagnant energy in your home, simply ring a handheld bell around your house.  You can also use this tool in the room or place where a negative argument o situation happened.

3) Spread or take a bath with Florida Water or Agua de Florida.It is a cologne used by Shamans in South America more specifically in Peru. It is often used for cleansing, healing and to get rid of negative energy fast.  You can also clear your aura either by spraying it around your body or doing a spiritual bath pouring a little bit into your bath water. To balance the energy in the house simply create a floor wash by pouring it into a bucket of water, mop the house with it.

4)  Get the right Crystals for protection.  There are many powerful crystals that transmute the negative energy and keep your place clear and balanced of unwanted energy as well as protecting you from any negative energy. They can place around the house, or in the hallway, as well as carry them with you.

•    Black Tourmaline. This crystal has the ability to transform and cleanse negative energy, it is one of the most powerful protectors as it repels negative energy from the receiver and gives it back to the sender.  

•   Amethyst.  It is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high of spiritual vibration. It guards against psychic attacks transmuting that energy into love.

•    Black Onyx.  This is a powerful protection crystal, and it is known to protect the person from harmful spirits, psychic attacks, and black magic. It absorbs and transforms negative energy. It acts as a shield to prevent and help the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx supports the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, particularly when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.

•    Jet.  This stone holds intense grounding properties. It helps you to release unhealthy attachments, cut energetic cords, release grudges, and ease grief. Jet protects you against other people negative thoughts, preventing their negative energy entering your own energy system. Carry this stone with you at all time, especially when you are around negative people. It protects you from their negative energy and it acts as a conduit to repair bad, draining, energetic connections. You can also place it under your pillow to encourage deep sleep and pleasant dreams.

•    Smokey Quartz.  This captivating crystal grounds and removes negative energy from the aura. This crystal basically absorbs negative energy and send it to the mother earth, easing burdens and anxiety. When finding yourself in a fearful or scary situation, hold the crystal in your hands, visualize that you are giving your fears and burdens to the crystal and that it places them on the earth for transmutation.

5) Declutter.Clutter stops the flow of good energy around your home. It is a Feng Shui practice that life force energy needs to move freely and in abundance to support health, happiness and prosperity. Clutter creates an obstruction and stops the flow. So, if you want the energy of your house to flow and attract more abundance as well as creating new space for good things to come to you, it is time for you to start getting rid of old clothes that don’t fit, throw away any expired food, books you don’t want any more, old letters from the bank, handbags, wallets that you no longer use or need, etc. Keep the hallway clear also from any clutter.

I know this can be an emotional process, especially is the clutter is extreme. But once the process is completed you will see the benefits of it. E.g. You will feel less anxious, more productive, less emotional stagnant, more focus, a boost of self – esteem, you will have more energy and feel happier, and why not? You might even release some weight!

6) Visualize a protective energy field around you. You can protect your energy by visualising a white light or a bubble surrounding yourself, or imagine a long zip closing your energy field, starting at the front, from your feet all the way up to the top of your head, the on the back from the head all the way down, do the same on each side of your body.  Also, to keep your energy grounded, imaging or visualise roots coming out from the sole of your feet, going all the way down to mother earth keeping you grounded and connected to the earth. Add these as part of your daily routine, as it will help you keep balanced and lighter.

“Trust and believe that you are always safe and protected” – Teresita

Post your comments below, I would love to hear from you. Thank you!

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