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Being grateful, trusting the process of the universe

Trust the Universe

It has been so rewarding to know that by sharing my experience and using my passion, I can help others finding themselves and enjoy life to their highest. Knowing that your contribution to the world is supporting people to transform their lives, and helping them become a better version of themselves.

My heart is full of joy and gratitude, for all the blessing, the great opportunities, that I have received and still receiving from the Universe.  I am thankful for my beautiful friends, and family, for all that they have tough me and still teaching me.  To my parents for guiding, showing me how to appreciate things in life, for all the kindness and love I received from them.

The past year and a half have been the most amazing for me, great transformations, great learnings.  I have met the most wonderful people, I realised that I am not alone in this journey, they have always walked with me along the path.  I learnt that some of them stay, and some will go. The greatest gift has been, having them in my life, and being able to share a moment of happiness and enlightenment with them.

One of the greatest thing that happened to me, was rediscovering myself.  To know that there was always a wonderful person with myself, that I never knew or met.  Someone that was able to give, receive, share so much love and joy, that sometime it could be overwhelming.  A great feeling to have, though.

I experienced depression, fear, money worries, and grieve, after losing my loved ones, feeling lost and with no direction in life.  I was able to face and deal with my insecurities, my lack of self-worth and love.  I gained strength within myself, I was able to voice my feelings without feeling uncomfortable or ashamed, always with love and respect, hard thing to do.  I did it and I am proud of it!

Some will understand, be able to hear it, and move on, some won’t.  All I can say is, it is liberating and empowering to say your truth and most importantly be truthful to yourself, without any fear of hurting anyone, as this has never been the real intention, and it is coming from a place of love and care.

I am grateful my teachers Anna and Camelia, all my friend and especially Carlos for his patient, understanding and support.  I would not have been able to do it without them.

Trust the Universe, let go of control and surrender

Thank you, sending you much love

Teresita Lopez Pulido x

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