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Making peace with loss. Learning to let go and releasing attachment to your loved ones with ease.

For many people, death is the end.  The end of a cycle, end of the life of their loved ones.

But what does death teach us? And you might think, what can I learn from it, other than experiencing deep pain, sorrow, and emptiness? All I knew is that death is something we all fear, and most of our lives we avoid the subject of death.

I lost my father 7 years ago, and my mother 3 years later after my dad passed away, and very recently my eldest sister and my only uncle.  I had a very special bond and relationship with every single one of them.

My father was in a way a soulmate for me.  I always knew that I met him before, in another lifetime.  I loved being next to him, even if we didn’t talk, he was calm, peaceful, loving, and kind, a very wise man, the best advice will come from him.  My first love!

My mother, on the other hand, was always on the go, thinking ahead her time, planning our future, she was the boss, quite an achiever and a warrior, I admired her so much. My mother was my best friend, my confidant.  Both my parents were my rock.

And there she was my eldest sister, a single mother, always there for others.  She was fun and quite a laugh to be with, a real trooper, nothing stopped her from achieving her dreams and raising her daughter.  She was always looking for spiritual growth, she was a real inspiration when it comes to spirituality, and other things.  I so much enjoyed talking with her and listening to her spiritual wisdom for hours.

My uncle.  He was so special, sweet man, caring, a big dreamer, always thinking about his family, helping all his nieces and nephews, and there were a lot of us.   A terrible joker, he was the only one that laughed at his jokes, but we all loved him for that.

This can only describe very little about them, but I just want to say how important and significant they were and still are in my life. I miss them all, I will never forget them.

But when you lose someone, it can be a very traumatic experience, for sure it was for me with both my parents.

So, when I heard the news about my sister being very ill, many feeling and memories came back and I thought “this cannot be happening, I cannot go through this pain again”.  However, I quickly realised that I have grown, and had released the guilt, the sorrow, the anger, resentment and all the pain I was carrying for a long time that was triggered with my parents passing, I was free from the past.  But still, my ego was playing me and telling me “you will have to put your life on hold again, you were supposed to go later in the year, not now”, and again I asked myself why this is happening?

It was pure fear, fear of going back to the loss, to face someone I love leaving me again.  But something told me “You are not alone”, yes, I thought this is true! and I have a network of friends, my angel, and divine guidance, that support me and can help me to go through this, no matter where I am.  First I contacted one of my closest friends, in a very panicking state, and she said: “Tere you know what to do, keep calm, everything is going to be fine, we are here for you”.  It was nice to hear that from a friend, and from all my friends.  I never felt so loved and supported as I did this time.   Divine love and support was always with me.

I was in very lonely place when my parents died, I don’t wish anybody to experience that, it feels grey and misty, I thought that I was never going to come out from that horrible mist.

After two weeks I heard the news about my sister, I went to see her in Venezuela.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I spent two months with her, we shared so many beautiful conversations, we said how much we loved each other, we spoke our truth and much more.  It was wonderful, with our ups and downs, but I would not change anything.

I had the chance to reconcile with my loss.  But you might probably think, what a strange thing to say.  Yes, despite all the healing, clearing and realising I went through, I still had this deep fear of losing someone. But while I was there with my sister, seeing her in her bed, letting go, her past, her sorrows, and her pain, I witnessed her beautiful transition from one realm to the other.  There was me seeing her surrounded by angels, archangels, her ancestors, the room was full of beautiful beings, waiting for her, helping her to cross over, the energy in the room was full of pure love. Then, I understood and had more clarity that losing someone to death was nothing I should fear about.  I learnt to let go with ease without any attachment.

After a few hours, my sister moved on, and as I heard her last breath, although it was sad, I knew she was in a better place, happy and that she was not alone.  She was finally reunited with her family in the spiritual plane.

That same morning, I connected with her spirit and received a message from her, saying that she was fine and happy, that I should not feel sad, and to let her daughter know that she will always be with her, looking after her and her family.

Two months later my uncle passed away, but this time I was back in England, I could not say goodbye to him, but by then I already made peace with loss and understood that he was also with his loved ones, and in a better place.

It was a wonderful and a beautiful experience for me.  It helped me to grow, and to know that this is something I wanted to share with you. These tools, helped me to overcome sorrow and pain from losing my loved ones, and can also help you if you are experiencing or are going through something similar.

1. Make sure you have a network of friends that will really support you and love you in this difficult time, even if it is one or two friends.

2. Trust your Divine Guidance, it will always be there for you.

3. Know that you did all you could to make them happy in their last moment, or in any moment of your life with them.

4. Disconnect from the family’s collective consciousness, knowing your truth and that you are acting from a place of love and compassion.  Sometimes, there is a lot of drama, guilt, around the family this can take you away from seeing the truth, and what is happening with the person you are there for.

5. Embrace your feelings and emotions and make time to mourn.  Your emotional and mental health is very important when hiding those feeling can bring terrible consequences in a long run.

6. Share how you feel with someone you trust, that can hold the space for you and help you to move on without the fear of being judged.

7. As difficult as it sounds, let go and release your attachment to your loved ones with ease, and understand that we are not really losing them for good, they will always be with us.  What we are missing is the physical contact with them, our routine. But remember that all you need to do is think and call upon them, and they will be there with us.

8. Give yourself permission to move on with strength and courage.

9. Be open to receiving their messages, sometimes they come in a form of a dream.  You will be able to feel, sense their presence, smell their own essence, hear them.

With much love

Teresita Lòpez Pulido

Dealing with our feeling and emotions can be overwhelming.

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