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“On my first Theta healing session with Teresita I was surprised that she quickly identified a major block that I had tried to clear for years but she helped pin down the nature of that block clearly for the first time and it finally made sense! Once this happened it opened the way for a whole heap of associated beliefs to be recognised and consequently cleared in a powerful, emotional but really gentle way.

Over the course of the next couple of sessions we looked at other blocks that have stood in the way of me living the life I want; with the relationships and opportunities that will serve me best. She worked with me to identify and clear these blocks in some incredibly powerful healing sessions.

Teresita is incredibly insightful, caring and intuitive, and after working with her I feel I finally have a genuine strength of purpose, lightness and self-belief for the first time in years, helping me to move forward with huge positivity.

I would highly recommend a Theta healing session with her.”

Liz – London

“The session of Reiki healing with Teresita was a fantastic experience for me!

I went with a back pain problem which was persistent for more than a week. I’ve tried the normal pain killers to release the pain but it would come back after their effect was worn off.

After I was told about how the season will take place and what will happen I completely let my self into her hands..

45 min later the pain was completely gone. I could feel the energy going through my body layer by layer and releasing the tension and pain that I felt in my body.

She is also a very intuitive healer telling me why the pain was there and other personal things that she couldn’t know about and were completely accurate!

That night I slept like a baby and next morning I feel like I was reborn again, full of energy and joy..

I’m so grateful to Teresita and I definitely recommend to give it a try! You will be surprised of the power of the healing..”

Much Love,


“I had a session with Teresita because I was struggling to get paying customers in for my business.

Teresita immediately made me feel really relaxed, comfortable and safe. She has this beautiful energy about her – very loving, caring, empathic but light hearted all at the same time.

She very quickly identified my blocks. And I was amazed what beliefs came up! Teresita is very intuitive and even as I was talking about experiences from my past, she had intuitively picked up on loads of limiting beliefs. When we muscle tested them, I was shocked to see all the beliefs she had intuitively picked up were true!

After the session, I felt really happy. Almost euphoric and so much lighter.

The very next day, I had a customer contact me to confirm a booking with me and confirmed payment! I cannot believe how quickly it’s happened.

Teresita is a beautiful soul with a very special and unique gift. I would highly recommend her to anyone for any issues they may have in their lives!

Thank you so much Teresita. You have changed the way I feel about myself and it’s already made a huge difference in my life, with tangible results in less than 24 hours!!! Amazing lady!!”

Ras x

“Teresita is such a kind, loving and passionate healer. We had a beautiful session, which helped me to heal remaining regrets, sorrow and the feeling of loss related to the death my sister whom I miss very much. We also addressed the issue of unhealthy family dynamics.

I feel that something dark and heavy is gone. I feel light and content like if missing pieces of me found their way home.  Thank you”

Ev from London

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